All-Church Prayer Meeting


As Christians we pray to God. Whether it is the Lord’s prayer, or prayers of thanksgiving, for healing, help, forgiveness and other reasons, we know that God hears our prayers and gives us hope. There is no right or wrong way to pray. Whether it is a formal prayer, a group prayer or in solitude, God just wants us to talk to him so He can answer our prayers and guide us to be better Christians.


Please join us Sunday, October 18 th at 7:00 pm for a zoom prayer meeting. We will discuss briefly how people pray with personal testimony from some of our church family. Then we will bring our prayers and praises to God in closing. It is informal; you may actively participate or just sit back and silently listen and pray with us. But come and experience God’s presence!


Here is the link to join the prayer service.  Click on the link and follow the directions to the meeting.  Hope to see you there!   - The Grow Team

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