Prayers & Praises

July 5, 7 PM

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

I learned from an early age about the power of prayer. When I was growing up a big part of my life was going to church on Wednesday evenings for prayer meetings. As an adult, prayer has always been part of my faith journey. To ask God for guidance or help and then see an answer to that prayer is a blessing. The answer is not always the way I imagined it, but it is an answer and I accept His grace.


If ever there was a time that talking to our Lord Jesus Christ was needed it is now! During the current times there is much concern about many issues, e.g., the virus, schools reopening, unrest in our country over equal rights for all, loss of loved ones, personal matters, etc. The GROW team of CUMC
started ZOOM all-church and community prayer meetings in April, held on the first Sunday of each month. These meetings are now being called “Sunday Evening Prayers and Praises”. Based on the great response that we had on our last three prayer and praise sessions, we are expecting God to do great things as we meet together this Sunday. We will meet virtually on ZOOM at 7:00pm on Sunday, July 5th.

Along with asking for His guidance we want to offer thank yous and praises for how we have seen him working in our and other’s lives. If there are specific prayer requests or praises that you would like to share before Sunday feel free to send them to the church office at . We will collect them and bring them on Sunday. Otherwise, please join us live and bring your request/praises then or just join us!

To access the meeting use this link. It is very easy to join!
If needed the password is: 923490

God has said in Matthew 18:18-20, “For where two or more of you are gathered in my name, there I am among you.” Come join us this Sunday for the next scheduled time to talk to Jesus. We are looking forward to spending time with you and Jesus on-screen!

Yours in Christ,

Linda Benken and the GROW Team

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